PGSQL Phriday #014: PostgreSQL Events
Join me as I share my anticipations for my first PostgreSQL event PGConf EU.

PostgreSQL slonik with friends of same size sitting on a chair on a table

The topic of this month’s PGSQL Phriday #014 community blogging event—where people from different companies and different countries all blog about the same topic on the same day—is PostgreSQL Events. Big thanks to Pavlo Golub for organizing this month's PGSQL Phriday.

My PostgreSQL journey began quite years back when I just started out with programming and I needed a database. On the first result to my Google search - "The best database in the world" - was PostgreSQL and hence I chose it. And this December I would be presenting a talk about my GSoC project at the largest PostgreSQL Conference being held in Prague.

My official entry into the PostgreSQL community took place in March 2023, as I sought discussions on project ideas for Google Summer of Code'23. Jimmy, my initial contact within the community, left me impressed with the supportive nature of the entire community. Within a few days, I found myself acquainted with more members, immersed in countless blogs and articles, and captivated by the vibrant world that predominantly thrives through chat interactions.

As I now look forward attending my first conference, I envision a multitude of opportunities unfolding. First and foremost I would get to meet my mentors and people with whom I got to engage from the last few months. This conference promises a significant learning curve, providing ample opportunities for feedback and engaging discussions with both the audience and fellow attendees. I aim to strengthen my community bonds by communicating with those I haven't had the chance to interact with, delving into their past experiences within the community. This, in turn, will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for my projects and contribute to my professional development goals. Additionally, I'm excited about the prospect of visiting Prague, a magical city during the festive Christmas season.

Amidst these expectations, there's an undercurrent of nervousness as I prepare to deliver my first-ever talk on such a grand stage. Striving for perfection, I focus on crafting compelling slides, refining the flow of my presentation, and injecting well-timed humor. Drawing insights from numerous videos on effective public speaking, I aim to adhere to best practices and avoid common pitfalls.

In a general sense, I have a great excitement about the overall atmosphere of the conference, including the venue, presentations, and the energy of a community coming together.