The Setup
My blog setup journey

Rome wasnt built in a day,neither will this be

After getting fed up of my very colorful template React page, and procastinating for more than 2 months on building a blog page , today is when I finally start it.
Thought of making a theme of own,something minimilist, from scratch as it would be a great learning experience with sass , ssg's and templating library. Since this is going to take long, So a request 🙏 to reader , do visit the page frequently as you might see great some changes.Using a refernce of many blogs which I admire (would reference them in future),and probably would take a lot of help along the way, and hoping to make this something great.

UPDATE: 10-1-2022

  • The work's still incomplete, though made some progress during the the month of December.
  • Seems procastination to work on the theme has started again, and would revive this as ITS IMPORTANT. I wish to setup to switch to a personal domain from a .github.io one , once the theme is complete(can't say perfect, as it wont be ever) .